My name is Annika and I am a Chartered Psychologist.

C Psychol. PgDip. MSc. BSc Hons. Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Trustee @ Gordon Moody Association (residential treatment for problem gamblers)

I specialise in Gambling addiction but have also worked extensively in with other addictions, anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, low self worth and a range of other issues.  I love my client work and take a keen interest in their individual situations.  I often can't wait to get into trouble shooting, problem solving and readjusting unhelpful behaviours, negative thinking habits and other factors that are contributing to a less than optimal existence. 

I pride myself in using evidence based highly effective methods that are derived from a variety of scientific models. I use a lot of Cognitive Behaviour therapy/Metacognitive and ACT techniques but my main focus is always the individual and I believe part of my success with clients is due to an eclectic yet scientific approach to problems. I spend a lot of time educating my clients about their problem and/or condition so that they will understand how to help themselves after our sessions come to an end. 

As a specialist in Gambling addiction I have learnt that tough love is a good approach with my clients; and I deliver straight, honest and effective interventions with care and compassion and always try and if suitable also a touch of humour

Brief mention of some of my key points of my journey as a Psychologist... 

  • 2004 qualified as Chartered Counselling Psychologist

  • spent 3 years in Las Vegas 2004-2007 researching and working with Gambling addiction

  • between 2009 and 2011 I was part of the small team of Psychologists who together with Dr Bowden-Jones started up the National Problem gambling clinic in London

  • 3 years at the Nightingale hospital in London running an addiction group on the inpatient ward

  • 12 years in my own Private practice

  • 6 years of service at Guy's and St Thomas's hospital setting up and running a CBT service for staff

  • Creating and running 2 homeless programmes for Problem Gamblers in shelters in Westminster London

  • Working with the House of Parliament to support MP's struggling with stress

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