Anxiety Disorders

Common anxiety disorders are Generalised Anxiety disorders, Post traumatic stress disorder, Hypochondriasis and Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD).

In Metacognitive therapy, unlike more traditional CBT approaches, the focus of treatment is not on the content of thoughts. Metacognitive therapy focuses the underlying processes that lead to anxiety disorder for example persistent worrying and rumination, threat monitoring (being on the 'lookout' for threat)

and maladaptive coping responses such as avoidance behaviours and other unhelpful attempts to handle thoughts and feelings. As such it offers a range of targeted techniques that can speed up recovery. Metacognitive therapy has generated a very strong evidence base in the treatment of the majority of common mental health conditions and addictions.

Stress and Overload

Find efficient and straight forward help for all anxiety disorders. Using Metacognitive techniques and a range of other integrated interventions allows you to achieve faster results so that you can get on with your life. 

You will learn more adaptive ways of thinking, how to cope and act around triggers for anxiety and of course also how to manage the triggers themselves whether such triggers are work related or personal.