Gambling Addiction


In person session for the gambler and/or loved ones 

1 hour @ £180.00
A session that can be attended by one or several (max 3) loved ones to give an opportunity to get information, ideas and ask questions about how to help and support an individual with a gambling problem

By phone

30 minutes @ £85 60 min @ £165
Suitable if you wish to ask a few pressing questions about how to manage a loved one with gambling addiction and how you can best support them.

By email

@ £50.00
Tailored response to one email (your email can be no more than 1000 words) with specific advice on your situation and how you can best help your loved one with a Gambling problem. Your response will be specific and to-the-point with specific advice on your situation. 

Assessment & Referral

1 hour @ £180.00
Suitable if you want an urgent clinical opinion and/or advice for Gambling problems but are considering or have already referred yourself to CNWL National problem gambling clinic. These appointments last an hour. Help with referral process is also included in the price


Therapy for other conditions


In person

60 minutes @ £180 Face to face
Attendance at the clinic in Marylebone, London.


60 min session @ £ 165 Suitable if you are living in a different town or Country, are frequently travelling or just prefer to have sessions in the privacy of your own home and not having to travel. 

 Express 30 min session @ £85   Suitable if you have a specific problem you wish to discuss or requiring input on, or if you are an established client just needing a quick reboot


Payment options



If you hold an insurance that covers the treatment please make sure that you request an authorisation to see Annika before the appointment. This can be done by calling your individual insurance plan and check for coverage. Some plans require a referral via GP or Consultant Psychiatrist.   It is your responsibility to ensure that you have an up-to-date authorisation. Once an authorisation is in place I am happy to bill your insurance company directly.  

Please note that I am no longer a provider for BUPA or AXA PPP.   


Self funding clients

Please see fees above.