Self-control and Procrastination

Some people may choose to have a course of therapy – not because they are clinically depressed or anxious, but because they feel that they are not achieving their full potential. There are many bad habits that can contribute to this; common examples are procrastination and avoidance, too much distraction and too little focus or simply a habit of looking outside of oneself for happiness (instead of inside ourselves). Some people struggle with self-control and find it hard to make effort that last and instead make huge efforts in the beginning of tasks,  projects, diets and exercise regimes--  but fail to sustain such efforts after a while and return back to ‘old ways’.

Though these problems usually do not reach clinically significant problems they can be frustrating and debilitating and certainly can act to hold people back in their lives.   In therapy you get stimulated and inspired to action things in your life that have become stagnant and are holding you back and you also get an opportunity to address common obstacles (usually fear) that might be holding you back from achieving a rich and fulfilling life. Many people also need some help to get in touch with their values and desires in order to identify what makes them happy and how to start working towards new meaningful goals.

Please do not hesitate to ask how I can help you with YOUR life situation if you are unsure of how it would work.