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Is my helping actually helping...? Education & Support for family of Problem Gamblers

Education & Support for the family of Problem Gambler’s

If you live with or are in relationship with a person suffering with gambling addiction you are probably having to get used to a life full of confusion and emotional turmoil.

Some of the commonly asked questions are.….

‘ Should I continue to bail him/her out…?’

‘Am I helping or enabling by doing what I am doing..?

‘When is enough enough- when shall I draw the line? ‘

‘But what if he/she relapses after I helped out…how can I be sure this is it? ‘

‘but if I say no he/she might hurt themselves…’

‘they stopped now and they seem fine but I am a wreck and have no trust’

‘how can we ever build a future when gambling addiction will constantly pose a threat to our finances..?

It is extremely hard and emotionally taxing to be involved with any person with addiction, yet addiction is not who your partner/child is - and it is important to learn how to best manage these situations through knowledge, thoughtful reflection and while still maintaining your own self-worth and well being.

This semi-structured workshop will contain some structured presentation covering common issues and difficulties that family members are facing and ideas for how to resolve them.

Drawing on my 15 years of clinical experience treating problem gamblers and helping their families- these workshops offer you as family members an opportunity to come along and learn good techniques for how to manage tricky situations with your gambling addicted family member as well as the tools for looking after yourselves when faced with the stress brought upon you by the addiction. There will also be time for some guided discussion and to answer some of your personal questions.

Where: Central London - location to be confirmed nearer the time

When: Tuesday the 20th of May at 4pm to 5.30pm

Cost: £60/person

In order to book your place please send an email to

Annika Lindberg is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist who has specialised in the treatment of gambling addiction since qualifying in 2004. After spending 3 years in Las Vegas conducting research on gambling addiction she was one of the first Psychologists that worked at the National Problem gambling clinic in London in 2009 and has has since continued to treat gamblers and their families in various settings via NHS, Privately and in the community. To read more about Annika and her experiences working with gambling addiction click here

Limited places available

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