I used to feel so heavy inside and thought I was the only person in the world with this problem. I was spending hours every day watching porn on my laptop and my life had come to a halt. It has been a journey but want to thank Annika for her support and wisdom- I could not have managed this alone
— 34 year old sex addict
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sex addiction

Sexual addiction is not yet recognised in the DSM V as a mental health condition, however for those who work with this problem and those who suffer there is little doubt that this is a very serious and shameful addiction, that has the capacity to ruin relationships, lead to significant depression, shame and despair. 

Individuals struggling with Sex addiction frequently struggle with intimacy problems which makes it difficult for them to combine emotional intimacy with sexual intimacy. 

The use of sex can take the form of masturbation in front of pornography, sleeping with prostitutes or sometimes sleeping with a large number of partners, usually with little or no ability to be emotionally intimate with such. 

Long term effects of this addiction tends to be depression, loss of self worth, shame, regret and a significant desentisation sexually- and many find it hard to get an erection with their real partner. 

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