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Merry-go-round of Misery


There you are suddenly realising something that has been your escapism, your fantasy resort, your avoidance from reality and all of its hardship is needing to be amputated from your life. Maybe you knew intellectually for months or even years that this habit was breaking you - but as we do when something feels so good, even if just for a moment, you choose to ignore your inner knowing and carry on.  Even when that means breaking every boundary you ever had to try and make it work for you. For some, the destructive nature of their habits has been glaring in the face for a while- for others it a sudden insight. Regardless of which group you fall into; changing is hard and requires considerable effort. And we are not talking one quick push here, we are talking sustained and stable efforts towards something that you may not be able to taste the fruit of yet even in your imagination. No matter how unhealthy our habits have become, they sure manage to plug a hole in our life. And act to fill us with brief -but temporary- numbness, relief -or even highs. Like an anaesthetic shot at the dentist; We get to feel temporarily free-ish of the pain – but we still feel a bit of the pain right!? Like a bad tingle that tells us that without that shot we would have been squirming in discomfort. But with it- it was tolerable.  Same with our bad habits. It is not as if we fool ourselves all that well… click on image to read more

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