Internet/ Technology/ Gaming Addiction

An often controversial area of addiction these days since we live in a world where practically everyone is dependent on the use of internet for day-to-day tasks. So how does one know if it has become problematic? 

Ask yourself the following questions - whether they relate to yourself or a loved one...

1) has it started to negatively impact on life in other areas? 

2) are other things - even things I used to enjoy- feeling less fun or engaging? 

3) have attempts been made to cut down but without success? 

Answering YES to any or all of the above could indicate that a problem has developed. 

*research and clinical experience suggests that particular groups of people are at hightened risk for developing problems with internet addiction. People with ADHD/ADD and Autism as well as people with Social anxiety and other social skills deficits may be more likely to become addicted to internet related activities. 

Treating this condition almost invariably need to involve family members and loved ones in assisting the addicted person to apply proper boundaries and help motivate and initiate the start of new more healthy activities. Click here for info about Annika's family support services